Best nude fall lip combo 💄🍂


Hi! Today's post is all about lips, I will show you my favourite lip combo at the moment! I'm so glad that we finally have NYX store here in Lithuania, so I went there and picked up some products that I like. The first product that I really wanted to try was NYX Lip Lingerie. The color I've got is Push-up and I really like it. To go with it I picked up NYX Lip Liner in the color Nude Truffle and it is a perfect match! I really like this combo for a nude fall lip.

#FlirtyFallFlatlay with Adore Me


Hello there! So today's post is going to be a little different. Today I joined my friends at Adore Me (click the link to find out more!) to show you my #flirtyfallflatlay. It includes all my statement pieces like my Topshop furry sweater, my most comfortable and favourite bra, Rimmel Kate lipstick in 105 and of course my favourite perfume.

Pinky blues | OOTD


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